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Girls Will Be Girls

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dial_up @ 11:16 pm: I'm not very good with introductions, so I'll fill out this survey to give you a mini bio...
Name: Sarah
Age: 19
Birthday/Sign: Sept 6th,Virgo
Location: LakeView/Hamburg, you know... the buffalo area
School/Major: Fredonia State/French
Work: McDonalds
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Single/Taken: umm...seeing someone on and off since july, not really sure what we are anymore
Favorite Band(s)/music: The Bouncing Souls, Tori Amos, Incubus,Nirvana,Maryln Manson,NOFX,Jill Scott, Pink,Evanessence, pretty much everything besides country ::gag::
Other Communities you belong to: ClubRainbow,cunnilinctus,depression,dyke_androgony,fredonia,
IM name,email, other contact: sarah9684,juniormint7,sarah9684@aol.com,rich6260@fredonia.edu

Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: "poly" -Nirvana
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