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the_u_haul's Journal

Girls Will Be Girls
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Who runs this community?
I'm Jordan and I'm 20 :p

What are the rules of membership?
~ You must not make abusive (homophobic, heterophobic, biphobic, racist, etc.) posts or comments.
~ NO pictures should be visible on the main pages, ALL behind a cut tag.
~ If you post pictures, they should not be of a pornographic nature, although some artistic nudity is okay.
~ NO quizzes/surveys may be posted.
~ NO completely off-topic posts.
~ NO pleas for someone to come onto AIM/MSN/Y!/ICQ and chat with you because you're bored.
~ You must include a LJ cut tag before long passages of text or text which may be considered unsuitable for younger members.

What can I talk about here?

What does a lesbian bring on the second date? Answer: A U-Haul.

Relationship fears or advice, tips on beating lesbian bed death [or laments about it], crushes on the best friend [she's straight!], paranoid about one a night stand [or having one..]... basically anything related liking or relating to girls while being one.